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Sowing The Seeds of Tomorrow

March 2019

Trends Group Foundation, Inc. understands that protecting the environment is necessary to create a sustainable future. As our landscape continues to adapt to climate change, we too need to adapt and push for advocacies and programs that call for the preservation of our natural resources.

Given the challenge, we invited the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, our employees, other volunteers, and their families in a Tree Planting program in Silang, Cavite. Through this program, our volunteers gained insights on the fundamentals of rehabilitating the environment and also learned about various ways to plant trees. Volunteers found a way to give back to society while also cultivating their relationships with one another.

With hundreds of trees planted through the collective efforts of our families and the community, TGFI planted the seeds for a more sustainable tomorrow.

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The Taal Volcano eruption last January 2020 displaced several families and communities from their homes. While there is no exact science to predict the exact occurrence of natural disasters like this, there is a sense of comfort knowing that damages can be mitigated through the swift responses of concerned citizens and organizations.

They say that it takes a village to raise a child. As we are all part of a community, it is necessary to facilitate the growth of the next generation of leaders and influencers—our teachers and students.